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Life is Sweet

Whatever your taste in life, Sweetwater has a flavor for you

Bring the feeling of home on the water. Sweetwater pontoons offer a smooth, relaxing ride for you and your family. The kids can catch some waves while mom catches some rays. Both the comfortable chaise lounge and sundeck are filled with varying layers of soft-to-firm multi-density, contoured foam for ergonomic support in all the right places and wrapped in exclusive heavy-duty GX48 expanded vinyl, supple, durable upholstery that is unsurpassed in the marine industry. With a number of accessories to add to customize your pontoon, you might start calling your Sweetwater, home.

Sweet Retreat

Krupa’s Boat Mart has been the #1 selling Sweetwater Dealer in the United States for 13 years in a row!

Looking to create your own design and layout?

Then the Godfrey custom boat builder is for you! Simply pick the look and details you want and create the boat of your dreams. Godfrey will send all the details to Krupa’s Boat Mart to get you out on the water.

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