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Lund Fishing Boats

The best investment in fishing

In 1948, Lund Boating Company was founded and became the pioneer in the fledgling aluminum boating industry. Today, Lund uses the marine-grade 5052 H34 aluminum I-Beams with longitudinal and transverse beams tied together for the ultimate in strength and rigidity. The beams are then double riveted at the seams and strategically welded for low-stress connections. Using the highest grade aluminum gives our boats the durability and stress-resistance to be backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Better engineering

What is one thing that bridges, boats, skyscrapers, airplanes and semi-trucks all have in common? They’re all moving structures under extreme stress, tension and pressure. Without precise engineering, they can falter. That’s why all Lund boats are constructed to strict standards with twin plated, double-riveted marine-grade aluminum I-Beams that are specially welded to create optimum performance without adding weight. Lund also injects their boats with high amounts of floatation foam for added stability and security. The industry’s finest, most durable decks and floors are the only ones that make it onto Lund fishing boats and are then reinforced for even more stability. When you go for the big catch in a Lund, you can be sure you’re driving the best.

Better aesthetics

Who says you can’t fish with a little style? Lund takes the high quality approach to the outside our boats as they do the inside. All Lund boats are coated using high-performance, marine-quality painting system for a durable finish, as well as resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking. Lund boats are fully carpeted and all compartment doors are made with flush-mount hinges and finished. The only unsightly surface on a Lund is an empty livewell.

Current Lund Inventory at Krupa's Boat Mart

Img 2036

2023 Lund 1875 Crossover XS

  • 18'10"
  • 150 Pro XShp Mercury
Img 1969

2023 Lund 1875 Renegade

  • 18'9"
  • 115 Pro XShp Mercury
Img 1957

2023 Lund 2075 Fisherman

  • 20' 10"
  • 200hp Mercury
Img 1913

2023 Lund 1775 Impact XS

  • 17'11"
  • 115 Pro XShp Mercury
Img 0131

2023 Lund 1775 Adventure Sport

  • 17' 10"
  • 115 Pro XShp Mercury
Img 1897

2023 Lund 1675 Adventure Sport

  • 16'10"
  • 90hp Mercury