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SPRINT Kayaks by Pelican

Durable Products at Affordable Prices

For more than 50 years, Pelican has been mastering the art of creating kayaks with thermoforming. When you buy a Pelican kayak you can expect a durable, quality product at an affordable price. Constantly innovating, their discerning standards ensure rigorous quality control, and an investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures they are always delivering the best products.

Superior Material 

Exclusive to Pelican, their RAM-X material is a multi-layer material known for its high impact-resistance, ability to regain initial shape after impacts, and UV-protected exterior finish. The Twin Sheet Thermoforming technology creates a lighter, stiffer, and stronger product than what is capable with any other manufacturing method.

The SPRINT Recreational Collection 

When you come to Krupa’s Paddle Sports Center, you will find Pelican’s premium SPRINT line of kayaks. Their sit-in collection was specifically created for those looking for better hull design. With better return on effort and improved tracking, any of the kayaks from the SPRINT line are ideal for a day of touring on a calm lake or in choppy water.