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O’Brien Stand Up Paddleboards

Durable Performance

If you are looking for a stand up paddleboard (SUP) with all-around performance and unrivaled durability, then O’Brien SUPs are for you! Created with family fun at the heart of every board, O’Brien expertly crafts each SUP for longevity and ultimate performance, no matter the boarder’s age.

Stand Up PaddleboardsMaterials that Meet Your Boarding Needs 

Designed to meet your needs, O’Brien constructs their boards from a variety of materials including environmentally friendly bamboo, ABS polymer, and fiberglass. The bamboo boards are built for lightweight performance, allowing you to have a much smaller board with the same stability as a larger SUP. The tough ABS polymer was selected due to its ability to handle bumps and drops. O’Brien’s most affordable board combines the durability of fiberglass with the performance of a HDPE smooth bottom and EVA top deck for comfort, safety, and traction.  

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