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Native Watercraft Kayaks

The Best Kayaks for Fishing

Enjoying a tranquil day on the water fishing or exploring wildlife is exactly what Native Watercraft created their full line of fishing kayaks and hybrids. Built and designed by those who have the same passion for the outdoors as you do, you know you will be purchasing a high-quality product with superior functionality and maneuvering capabilities.

Hybrid Fishing Kayaks

Enjoy the best of both a canoe and a kayak with Native Watercraft’s hybrid kayaks. Their well thought out design creates the perfect fishing vessel. Feel comfortable standing up to cast a line or reel in the catch of the day. This type of stability is unmatched in typical fishing kayaks. This line of kayaks is best suited for lakes, bays, and slow- moving rivers.

Features: sharp bow entry and stern exit for tracking, high/low seating with forward and aft adjusting, groove tracks for accessory mounting, seat base with storage and cup holder, open bow and stern storage with bungees, one tight line anchor trolley, adjustable foot braces, passed carry handles, and so much more!

Pedal Fishing Kayaks

Pedal Fishing KayaksSometimes hands-free is the best way to be! That is why Native Watercraft designed their popular line of pedal kayaks - easily pedal to maneuver the boat forwards and backwards. When you take this kayak on the water you will see just how they thought of everything from convenient fishing pole storage, adjustable seating to fit your comfort level, transduce recess in the hull and rear, and so much more!

Features: bow and stern mounting for motors, battery storage and transducer access in the hatch, horizontal rod storage, new propel drive, electronics panel, side tackle storage, adjustable seating, paddle storage, waterproof hatch, upgraded rudder, power pole ready, and more.

Paddle Fishing Kayaks

Ride high and dry in Native Watercraft’s paddle fishing kayaks. With serious stability and comfort there is no better traditional fishing kayak on the market. Feel confident riding in swells, waves, and choppy conditions with the pronounced stern. Enjoy a variety of convenient features that will make your day of fishing that much easier and relaxing.

Features: super stable hull design, pronounced stern keel for tracking, rockered and flared bow design, molded-in handles, expertly designed deck with functional features, padded seat system for comfort and adjustability, and more!

Committed to the Environment 

Native Watercraft has a strong commitment to the environment. Their goal is to take their environmental impact as close to zero as they can get. Their recycle-reuse-repurpose mantra starts with their manufacturing process and extends all the way through the end of their products’ usefulness. Within the manufacturing process all waste materials are sorted and flowed to recyclers and the vast majority of the components within their kayaks can be recycled when their useful life has ended.

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