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Hurricane Kayaks

Leaders in Lightweight Kayaks

Hurricane has three expertly crafted product lines created for recreation, day touring, and no-fuss kayaking with their sit-on-top options. Each of their kayaks is created using the best lightweight materials that ensure durability and longevity.

Kayaks at Krupa's Boat MartWhy Lightweight?

Lightweight kayaks are ideal for those who may be carrying a heavy load of equipment for camping, fishing, or other recreational purposes. The lower weight of the boat enables more capacity for you and your gear. Others enjoy the simplicity lightweight kayaks offer for getting the boats in and out of the water, a vehicle, and the ease of storage.

Recreational Kayaks

Hurricane designs their recreational kayaks for one thing – fun. The creative design allows first timers to effortlessly get in the paddler’s seat and enjoy their time on the water, while the sleek design allows seasoned professionals to carve their way across the water with precision. Hurricane’s recreational line includes a variety of lengths and cockpit variations to allow a small child or pet to ride with, accommodate a smaller storage space in your garage or shed, and more!

Day Touring Kayaks

Feel like a champion when you hit the water in Hurricane’s Sojourn line of day touring kayaks. The line was created with a hard-chinned hull and deep-V keel. With a moderate rocker, the high stability is great for new kayakers to easily achieve stability, while the multi-chinned hull is a big draw for experienced paddlers to carve and edge through the water. As soon as you get on the water you will see how the thermoform construction outperforms other recreational kayak’s polyethylene design.

Key features include: integral deck lines for stiffness, comfortable handles, perimeter safety lines, security bar, bow and stern bulkheads, fore and aft storage hatches, adjustable thigh braces, cool-mesh Airstream seat system, and optional Smarttrack rudder system.

Sit-on-Top Kayaks 

Sit-on-top Kayaks

The unique, open design of a sit-on-top kayak offers so much more versatility than traditional covered kayaks do, along with ease if you were to tip. The uncovered deck allows for maximum space for gear, making day trips, fishing, and picnics a breeze. The options are limitless when you choose a sit-on-top design.

The lightest weight on the market, you will get to your destination faster, be able to pack more gear, easily transport and store it, and receive excellent performance. Enjoy a water-tight boat with ultimate comfort and convenience.

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